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WeClip is the perfect partner for your event management company or
photography business.

collaborating pics

Upload pictures and videos to the event for you and your friends to comment and like.

High quality

Create public or private events and invite your friends to them.

Create and share
combined clips

Select one of those pictures or videos, and a theme to magically create a WeClip.

Solutions for event managers

Never before have event managers had access to every photo taken by every member at an event. Now you can have that access, and put it all together into stunning video, complete with the perfect music, thanks to WeClip! All you have to do is invite your guests to upload their photos and videos into your WeClip workspace. Then through WeClips’s easy-to-use dashboard, simply select the best photos and videos, select your background music, combine and publish to YouTube, other social networks, or send directly to clients and their guests. Voila! One amazing record of your event…team of videographers, video editors and sound editors, totally optional.

Solutions for photographers

Until now, photographers were limited to using the photos they (or their team) took personally. But with WeClip, you can access the high-quality pictures and videos of every member of the event. Weddings, engagements, showers, business events, charity galas…literally every guest is likely to have their smartphones or tablets with them. They are already taking high-quality photos and videos of the same event you are taking photos of. What if you could use, not just your own photos, but those of every other guest? You can! With WeClip, you can invite the guests to upload their high-quality, uncompressed photos and video to your WeClip workspace

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